The Visionary, the Reformer, the Universal Man
It sounds repetitious and common when someone is trying to attribute all the properties a
significant person carries.
He is exceptional and a point of reference to humankind. The architect and the founder of
the Greek State facing the adversities of an impoverished and ruined land accomplished
tasks of enormous magnitude.
He initiated many reforms and projects to improve the administration, education, health,
security, and infrastructure of the country. He also expanded the borders of Greece and
secured its recognition by the Great Powers.

Kapodistrias is also recognized as one of the most distinguished politicians and diplomats of
19th century Europe, and a visionary leader who tried to promote peace and cooperation
among the nations.
He played a key role in the Congress of Vienna, where he advocated for the rights and
interests of the smaller nations.

The Congress of Vienna was a conference of European powers that took place from 1814 to
1815, after the defeat of Napoleon. The main goal of the congress was to restore the
balance of power and the legitimacy of the old regimes in Europe, as well as to redraw the
map of the continent according to the interests of the major powers.

  • He helped to secure the recognition of Switzerland as a neutral and independent state,
    and to establish its federal constitution. He also contributed to the creation of the Swiss flag
    and the Swiss anthem.
  • He persuaded the Tsar to support the creation of a semi-autonomous Polish state under
    Russian protection, instead of annexing the whole of Poland. He also drafted the
    constitution of the Polish state, which granted some civil rights and liberties to the Polish
  • He tried to raise the issue of the Greek War of Independence and to gain support for the
    Greek cause, but he faced strong opposition from the Ottoman Empire and its allies, such as
    Britain and France. He also faced indifference and hostility from some of his Russian
    colleagues, who feared that supporting Greece would undermine their relations with Turkey.

Kapodistrias was one of the most influential and respected diplomats at the congress, and
he earned the admiration and friendship of many European leaders, such as Metternich,
Castlereagh, and Talleyrand.
He was also one of the pioneers of the idea of a European union, based on the principles of
peace, cooperation, and solidarity.
Kapodistrias was a representative of Russia at the 1814 Congress of Nations, which was a
conference of European powers that took place after the defeat of Napoleon. His
contribution to France was that he advocated for the rights and interests of the smaller
European nations, including France. He supported the principle of national self-
determination and the idea of a European federation. He also opposed the harsh treatment
of France by the victorious powers and argued for a more lenient and conciliatory approach.

He promoted the cultural and intellectual exchange between France and the rest of Europe,
especially Russia and Greece. He admired the French Enlightenment and the French
Revolution, and he was influenced by their ideas and values. He also encouraged the
diffusion of French literature, art, and science in Russia and Greece, and supported the
education and development of many French and Greek scholars and artists.
Ioannis Smaragdis has devoted all of his energy and passion to portray KAPODISTRIAS as a
legacy to the new generations and to educate all of us about the ingredients of our nation’s
existence and how our Governor has rejuvenated and multiplied with his efforts before his
We ,as COB Advisors , are committed to the successful completion of this movie as part of
our duty to ourselves firstly and to the Greeks worldwide to present the Man. The ethics, the
values, the flaws, the commitment, the cause we all carry somehow, somewhere in our DNA
and is and a big part of that is because of Him!
The below presentations describe the project in detail and we hope you will be our
supporters in this invaluable effort for all.



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